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What are Flower Essences?

Flower Essences are tinctures composed of the energetic frequency of a specific flower or a multitude of flowers. Each tincture holds the vibration of a flower which has the ability to offer insight, awareness, healing, and evolution to an individual who is open to receive. They work on a subtle level; typically on the mental and emotional body. Flower Essences align their frequency with that of the recipient over time and can provide deep healing and pattern breaking. They open the space of remembrance to the true nature of the heart and soul before imbalance, conditioning, or trauma. These subtle, yet profound little remedies have the ability to impact your life in many ways. Mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, they gently shift what is needed and protect through it all.

Flowers are far more than just beauty to look at. They are living beings that have the ability to transmit messages to each other, as well as to us humans! We are simply just another aspect of Creation that plants want to communicate with; we just have to get quiet and listen. Plants can also receive and respond to information from us, so we have the ability to sit with plants and set intentions for healing which greatly impacts the outcome. 

Who are Flower Essences for?

You may benefit from Flower Essences if you....

🌸 Are a highly sensitive being in need of protection from external influences

🌺 Would like to heal your heart from past experiences, relationships, and losses

🌻 Want to uncover the abundance of confidence inside you patiently waiting to shine forth

🌹 Would like to integrate & embody your sensuality/sexuality

🏵️ Want to discover the wellspring of creativity hiding under layers of conditioning

🌷 Are ready to expand your expression that's been closed off your years.. even life times

🌼 Are willing to be guided onto your path of purpose filled with vital life force & enthusiasm

& so much more!


Not sure if Flower Essences are for you and your unique experience? Email me or schedule a FREE 11 minute Clarity Call to find out!

"Talking to plants is one way of talking directly to spirit."

Rosemary Gladstar

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